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Login using the email provider that has your up to date calendar and adjust your availability. You have total control of your calendar and your working hours


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Don't overwhelm your guests with hundreds of messages. KalendMe keeps your availability up to date, sends meeting reminders, and lets you make changes hassle free

Customize your sessions

Just want to schedule 30 minute calls? You can. Maybe you offer different types of sessions and each one has its name, duration and description? You can as well. KalendMe adapts to your current process and helps you to focus on your work

Forget about logistics

KalendMe detects where you and your guests are so there is no time zone confusion. You can easily cancel and change appointments

Keep your privacy

Your calendar and scheduled events are personal. With KalendMe you can share your availability without sharing your schedule details


With a free version and the most affordable premium version on the market we want to bring powerful scheduling solutions to everyone

What do our users say?

It was only until I started using KalendMe that I actually realized how much time I had been spending with scheduling back-and-forths, especially when recruiting candidates! Zoom brought to my life the one-touch-dial, KalendMe brought the "one-touch schedule".

Vicente Ocampo

We worked with KalendMe to create a custom link for Rappi, which was delivered in less than 2 weeks, and allowed us to schedule hundreds of meetings with our experts and close deals that generated six-digit revenue.

Alex Sandoval
Head of Product (Advertising & Analytics), Rappi

KalendMe has been an incredible tool in facilitating the way we connect and organize our work with clients. We went from wasting hours trying to sync all of our calendars across different time zones and scheduling multiple meetings, to being able to do it in seconds with KalendMe.

Matias Honorato
Growth Lead, Tally, Inc.

I used to spend a lot of time messaging back and forth with people looking for a time that worked for everyone. Today I only dedicate the time of the meeting and not a minute more. It is an excellent product with constant and relevant updates for its users. I highly recommend that it be used by any professional who has face-to-face or online meetings.

Luísa Sartori
Last Mile Specialist, Zé Delivery

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